State of the Medical Services: Global medical safety and quality audit report 2021

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The Global Medical Team are pleased to share their first ever Annual Safety and Quality Audit Report. In Q4 2021, 14 audits were conducted across 7 priority countries to assess the safety & quality of SCI-delivered medical services. Led by the Global Medical Team and conducted in collaboration with country, regional and global technical experts, these annual audits provide an independent assessment of our clinical and pharmacy services and assurance to the senior leadership on compliance with the SCI quality framework (QF). We’re pleased to report an overall score of 78% for clinical services and 75% for pharmacy services, which is a significant milestone considering the short timeframe of less than 2 years of Quality Framework roll-out.  The report highlights key findings and trends, recommendations, and the support needed going forwards to further strengthen the safety and quality of SCI medical services. We’d like to thank the incredible work of our medical staff across these countries, in particular those delivering services on the frontline under challenging circumstances and throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Please take a read, share widely in your networks and reach out to for more information as needed.

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