Sri Lanka Rapid Needs Assessment February 2023

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Save the Children International,Save the Children Sri Lanka

Since 2022, Sri Lanka has been experiencing a complex and multidimensional macro-economic crisis that has now turned into a humanitarian emergency. The ability of families and communities to manage economic shocks has been significantly impacted, and many households have been forced to adopt negative coping strategies to meet their basic needs, including food. In June 2022, Save the Children (SC) conducted its first phase of the Rapid Needs Assessment with the support of our civil society organization (CSO) partners on the ground to better understand the impact of the economic crisis at the household level and to evaluate the impact on the coping capacity of the households to ensure their children can survive, learn, and be protected.​

SC initiated the second phase of the assessment to comprehend trends, negative coping strategies adopted by households, and emerging opportunities that can positively contribute to strengthening household resilience of the most vulnerable members of communities, including women and girls. This action was taken after understanding the fast-changing dynamics of the country’s economic situation and its disproportionate and detrimental impact on households, especially with children.​

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