Speaking Out, Being Heard. Experiences of child participation and accountability to children from around the world

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Save the Children UK

This publication brings together theoretical approaches and practical experiences from Save the Children’s extensive work to support children’s participation and promote greater accountability to children. Its broad aim is to facilitate learning and promote best practice in an accessible and relevant way. We hope it will be used as a means to compare the effectiveness of different approaches in order to strengthen practice, and that it will also be a source of inspiration to those who are new to this area of work. Part 1 gives an introduction to the issues and principles of children’s participation and accountability to children. Part 2 comprises 18 case studies, written by Save the Children staff in Country Programmes, that highlight the different approaches to participation and accountability used throughout the programme cycle – in planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, advocacy, and also in governance. Part 3 offers some reflections on the key challenges and potential solutions involved in supporting children’s participation and promoting greater accountability to children.

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