Somos Noticia

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Cecodap, Caracas

CECODAP’s Somos Noticia Report (We are news – October 2008/September 2009) focuses on the problem of violence against young children and adolescents in Venezuela. As one of the country’s leading child advocacy groups, CECODAP promotes and defends the rights of boys, girls, and teenagers in the country and is dedicated to the prevention of school violence and the promotion of spaces for conviviality in homes and schools. This document analyses violence against children and its potential impact on children, their families, their communities, and broader society. It is divided into five chapters: (I) Violence in the national context; (II) Statistical analysis on the types of violence experienced by children and adolescents October 2008 through September 2009; (III) Special situations of violence and child abuse; (IV) Society’s perception of corporal/psychological punishment inflicted on children and adolescents; and (V), Conclusions and Recommendaitons.

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