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Kangaroo Mother Care: Premature babies have the right to survive

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Save the Children International,Save the Children US

Over the past five years, the neonatal death rate remained stationary (34 ‰ in 2013 to 33 ‰ in 2018). The leading cause of neonatal death in Mali is prematurity (33%), followed by asphyxia (25%), followed by neonatal infections (8%). Beyond survival, the premature baby is exposed to various pathologies that can make him or her more or less fragile long-term. This can result in neurological, respiratory, or visual troubles, including monitoring and care, that can be extremely burdensome for the family. The good news is that over 75% of premature babies can be managed through Kangaroo Mother Care. This method is an alternative to incubators, it is efficient and inexpensive to help save newborn lives.

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