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Social Service Workforce Mapping Toolkit

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Global Social Service Workforce Alliance

The purpose of this toolkit is to guide participatory, national-level analyses of the social service workforce. Workforce mapping is based on the premise that when the right number of workers are in the right positions and locations and have the right training, people will be able to access more effective and appropriate levels of care and support. This toolkit serves as a step-by-step, how-to guide for a national workforce mapping process and packages tips, key considerations, sample tools, terms of reference and other guidance. As a result of completing this mapping process, groups will have data and information about the current status of the social service workforce in their country and will be better able to identify recommendations and strategies to improve the workforce going forward, thereby improving the quality of care available to children and families. 

The documents available for download include the full text of the toolkit in PDF format. In addition, each of the tools is available for download in Word, as these are meant to be adapted as needed and more easily edited in Word format. 

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