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Social Policy Paper on the Establishment of a Case Management System for Children with Disability

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Ministry of Social Affairs, Palestine

This policy paper promotes and outlines the establishment of a case management system for children with disabilities within the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT). It supports the children’s rights to appropriate and adequate services that will allow them to develop their full potential and become active and empowered members of society. Disabled children have the right to access quality health, education, social and recreational services and programs. This can be a formidable task if there are minimal or inefficient systems in place to guide parents and children in seeking out the best possible services and programs they need to support their child’s holistic development. Hence, a case management system for children with disabilities is a priority service that must be available to provide families with disabled children support and assistance that is based on their individual needs. This will require coordination between the home, school, therapeutic and rehabilitative services, and recreational services. 

Included in this policy paper is a series of annexes with information on, for example, the current situation of children with disabilities, a three year plan of action, as well as best practices and indicators.  

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