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Snakk med Oss: Håndbok om hvordan samtale med barn og unge om kroppspress, nakenbilder og pornografi på nettet

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Save the Children Norway

Guide on talking to children and young people about sexual exposure online

From an early age, children can be exposed to online pornography, get requests to share nude photos and be contacted by adults who can exploit their vulnerability online. Children often remain silent about scary and unpleasant experiences. Adults should therefore be proactive in asking questions and show interest in children’s online experiences, positive as well as negative.

To make this conversation easier, Save the Children Norway has developed a guide with tips and advice on how to get involved in children’s internet use and positive exploration, and how to meet their need for parental protection. The handbook is called “Talk to us!”, and includes a number of prompt questions related to body image and self-presentation online, sharing of nude pictures and exposure to online pornography.

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