Sconfiggere la Povertà Educativa in Europa

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Save the Children

Children face a higher risk of poverty or social exclusion than adults, and the effects of poverty can last a lifetime.

No European country is immune from child poverty; across Europe, more than 26 million children are at risk of poverty or social exclusion. The children tell us that poverty means going to school on an empty stomach, being under stress because their parents can’t pay rent, spending the winter in cold houses and schools, not having enough money to buy a book, and not daring to cultivate hopes and dreams.

At the root of poverty and social exclusion of children is inequality: 10% of the richest families in Europe currently earn 31% of total income and possess more than 50% of total wealth, and the gap between rich and poor is increasing in many countries.

For this reason, Save the Children has conducted research and consultation work among girls and boys at a European level. This report is the outcome of that research. 

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