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School-based Violence Prevention: A practical handbook

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WHO, World Health Organization

Each year nearly 1 billion children experience some form of violence. Violence in childhood has a lifelong effect on the well-being, health, and education of the child. Realizing the importance in it’s prevention, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) address the issue twice: in target 5.1 which calls for the elimination of all violence against girls and target 16.2 which calls for the elimination of all violence against children. Furthermore, the SDGs outline the importance of schools in providing safe environments for all with target 4.a.

To further these goals, schools have been identified as are an excellent environment to prevent violence and teach violence prevention practices. This resource: School-based violence prevention: a practical handbook, is about schools, education and violence prevention. It provides guidance for school officials and education authorities on how schools can embed violence prevention within their routine activities and across the points of interaction schools provide with children, parents and other community members. If implemented, the handbook will contribute much to helping achieve the SDGs and other global health and development goals.

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