Save the Children Tajikistan Child Protection Situational Analysis

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Save the Children

Children in Tajikistan face many child protection (CP) issues and challenges. These include the worst forms of child labour (WFCL), domestic work, corporal punishment in homes and schools, domestic violence, gender based discrimination and violence, sexual abuse, physical harm, institutionalization, and high levels of school dropout, especially among girls.

Current data on child protection violations is not readily available in Tajikistan, neither from the government nor other child protection actors. The government’s Child Rights Department under the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection, maintains a private database on children in conflict with the law, street children and children with disabilities. In order to understand the current child protection situation, and to have current data for future programming, this child protection situational analysis was undertaken by Save the Children between May and September 2011.

Read this report for an overview of the child protection situation in Tajikistan.

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