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Save the Children in Mongolia: Project Spotlight

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Save the Children

Mongolia is a newly developing country, which is striving to strengthen human rights and democratic governance, while harmonizing both nomadic and urban civilization. Save the Children has been working in Mongolia since 1994 to support Mongolian children’s development and wellbeing, with particular focus on the country’s most vulnerable and disadvantaged children.

The focus of the project Improving Primary Education Outcomes for the Most Vulnerable Children in Rural Mongolia is to improve the education outcomes of 7,500 vulnerable children (aged 5 to 10) in herder families across four educationally underperforming and underserved rural provinces of Mongolia. The project is designed to comprehensively address the unmet needs and gaps in the lower-primary education delivery for the most disadvantaged nomadic children in remote rural communities of Mongolia, who face very specific challenges in adapting to school and school dormitory life in early childhood stages.

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