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Save the Children Gender Equality Program Guidance and Toolkit: Engendering transformational change

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Save the Children

Gender equality is inextricably linked to child rights, and around the world gender discrimination results in critical child rights violations. As Save the Children, it is essential that we identify and address the specific needs of girls, boys, women, and men across our program cycle if we are to fulfill our vision of a world where every girl and every boy attains their equal right to survival, protection, development, and participation. This process of gender equality integration, often called gender mainstreaming, is not only a requirement for many donors and partners, but drives positive, transformative results, and is key to effective and sustainable development.

This Program Guidance and Toolkit seeks to answer the question: how can we consistently, meaningfully and strategically integrate gender equality focus across our programming work at Save the Children? It is a response to numerous requests from members and country offices alike for program guidance to accompany the Save the Children Principles for Gender Equality. In addition to answering frequently asked questions, this document addresses three core questions: Why is gender mainstreaming critical; Who affects and is affected by gender; and How to mainstream gender equality. 

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