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Save the Children Gender Equality Policy: Transforming Inequalities, Transforming Lives

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Save the Children

Gender equality is a basic right for all people, including girls and boys. Based on this understanding, Save the Children believes that it is critical to directly address gender discrimination and promote gender equality in order to ensure that no harm comes to children, and to advance our vision for a world where every child attains their equal right to survival, protection, development, and participation.

A focus on gender equality is essential to close inequality gaps and ensure that we reach every last child, including those who are most marginalized. Gender inequalities intersect with and exacerbate other factors contributing to marginalization, including age, race, socio-economic class, gender identity, geography, health status and ability.

Our Gender Equality Policy guides Save the Children to ensure that we can program, advocate, partner, and organize for gender equality. This document itself is not a ‘how-to’ guide, but highlights Save the Children’s key and guiding principles for engaging in gender equality work. It further clarifies why a focus on gender equality is fundamental for achieving our vision for all children, and the important role each of us must play in translating this Policy into action.

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