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Safety First: A safety and security handbook for aid workers

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Save the Children UK

The reality is that children in the greatest need of healthcare, food, education, and protection are often located in those areas that present the greatest safety and security risks to aid staff. The tragic deaths of aid workers in recent years highlight the unprecedented levels of hostility and violence to which they are increasingly exposed in the field.

Key to creating a safer working environment is a collective sense of awareness and responsibility. Each member of staff is ultimately responsible for their own safety and security. It is essential to understand the different risks faced in the field and how to behave in order to reduce these risks, which ultimately increases our organisational ability to bring about positive and lasting change for children.

This second edition of Safety First assembles the best available information on how we can work safely in today’s challenging humanitarian environments. It provides practical advice to staff on dealing with safety and security issues as part of delivering our programmes for and with children around the world.

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