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Safeguarding Children in our Comms and Media Work: Handbook for Save the Children’s media and communications staff

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Save the Children

One of the most effective ways of creating change for children is to involve them as partners in our communications work, empowering them to share their stories, highlight their needs, and create change. Sharing these stories through the media can draw mass attention to natural disasters. human rights violations, and abuses of power, which can persuade governments to make important changes to improve children’s lives. 

Involving children in decisions about the depictions of crisis is important. With the media’s appetite for hard-hitting personal accounts, there is a risk of emotional harm if sensitive topics are covered without care. Save the Children works hard to mitigate these risks to children while also being true to our vision of being the voice for children.

This guide outlines best practice when engaging children in our communications and media work, and provides guidance to help you prepare, plan, and deliver sensitive, supportive, and effective communications.

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