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Safe Schools Declaration Training Tool

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Save the Children Norway

The Safe Schools Declaration is an international political commitment to protect students, teachers, schools, and universities from the worst effects of armed conflict. Since the Safe Schools Declaration first opened for endorsement in 2015, Save the Children has included advocacy for its endorsement and implementation in its Safe Schools programming in 10+ conflict settings. Based on feedback from these contexts and recent field-testing in DRC and Iraq, the Safe Schools Declaration Training Tool was developed to address the need for field-based Save the Children colleagues and partners to have access to a standardized training that introduces the Safe Schools Declaration and the concept of attacks on education.

The tool provides a suggested workshop agenda of three sessions which can be delivered in 4.5 hours (including group activities and breaks) and includes:

  1. 1 Slide Deck (40 slides)
  2. 1 Facilitation Guide (12 pages) with “Say-Do” guidance for presenting the Slide Deck
  3. 4 Handouts to accompany the Slide Deck:
    • Handout 1 Child-friendly Convention on the Rights of the Child
    • Handout 2.1 Safe Schools Declaration and Guidelines
    • Handout 2.2 Safe Schools Scenario
    • Handout 3 Framework for Action

We hope that this tool can be a global added-value for inter-agency use. Please feel free to use and share the tool – and do send your feedback if you test it!

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