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Safe Schools 2.0 Action Pack 3: Safer School Facilities

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Save the Children International

Action Pack 3  provides country offices with guidance o​​​​n how to undertake a basic assessment of the structural safety of the schools we work in. It will help us understand if the children and school community we support are safe in the buildings in which we work.

Secondly, the Action Pack outlines on how to navigate the process of preparing for retrofit/remodelling, refurbishment and potentially building school facilities as part of our programmes. All SC projects involving new facilities construction or retrofit/remodelling or refurbishment must follow Save the Children’s Construction PolicyBenchmark Standards and Tools,​will meet our commitment to Safer School Buildings​, and will follow best practices in Community-based Safer School Construction.​​​

You can find Action Pack 3 and all associated links below. If you have any feedback or needs for support in how to use this Action Pack, please contact the Safe Schools helpdesk.

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