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Safe Schools Common Approach – Action Pack 2: Safe School Management

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Save the Children International

Safe Schools Action Pack 2 provides Save the Children staff and partners with tools and activities to engage school managem​​​​​ent in a participatory manner to support the integration of safety and protection into school-based management.

By implementing this Action Pack, we will improve the safety and protection of children in and around the schools in which we are working through enquiry- based learning, which in turn will provide concrete inputs into existing Scho​​​ol Improvement Plans. In addition, successful work at the school level will support advocacy efforts to replicate and scale-up the approach through national policies and systems in (support of Action Pack 1 activities).​

 If you have any feedback or needs for support in how to use this Action Pack, please contact the Safe Schools helpdesk:​.​​​​​​

This Common Approach is a collaboration between Child Protection and Education Themes. For more information, please contact Bianca Gallagher, Education Program Officer or Clare Feinstein​​, Deputy Director, Child Protection from the Program, Quality and Impact team.

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