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RIRE – Rapid Integrated Response for Children

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Save the Children International

Rapid Integrated Response for Children (RIRE) is a mechanism that seeks to include education in rapid responses to help children aged between four and twelve to safely return to learning within the first three months of a crisis. This innovative approach integrates education with child protection and mental health and psychosocial support (MHPSS) to address both children’s learning and wellbeing needs.

RIRE aims to restore children’s sense of normalcy in preparation for transition back into education, through a focus on protection, wellbeing, and basic literacy and numeracy skills. Community facilitators are trained to use play-based educational activities to improve children’s socio-emotional learning and foundational skills. In parallel, community-based child protection facilitators are trained to address the child protection needs of children and households. Mobile teams also provide psychological first aid to children and caregivers, including identification and referral of children in need of more specialized MHPSS interventions.

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