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A right to participate: Securing children’s role in climate change adaptation

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Children in a Changing Climate,IDS, Institute of Development Studies

The impacts of climate change are already being felt – most acutely by millions of the world’s poor. Millions are already facing hunger, disease and conflict due to climate change, and ‘children in the world’s poorest communities are the most vulnerable’. Building resilience to climate change is an urgent development priority. Urgent action has to be taken to adapt to the effects of climate change which are already taking their toll. Without attention to climate impacts, poverty reduction efforts will be severely hampered. In this context, children have considerable strengths that are a significant resource for families, communities and organisations. Children also have a major stake in the future and a right to participate in decisions that affect them. This flagship publication introduces the policy spaces, the challenges and the case for children’s participation based on their unique experiences, knowledge and capabilities. It presents policy recommendations for addressing the needs of children under climate change, and the approach that Children in a Changing Climate is taking.

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