Retrospective Impact Evaluation: Save the Children’s Sponsorship Programming in Woliso Impact Area, Ethiopia (2002-2010)

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Real Evaluation

This is the final report of a retrospective impact evaluation conducted of Save the Children’s Sponsorship program in Woliso, Ethiopia (2002-2010). The aim of the evaluation was to:

  1. Assess the long-term intended and unintended, both positive and negative, outcomes and impacts of child sponsorship programming in the Woliso Impact Area;
  2. Gain insights for future child sponsorship programming to improve immediate and sustainable outcomes and impacts for children, families, and communities in current and future impact areas; and
  3. Provide an exemplar for future RIE, that is, how they can and should be done for Sponsorship and programs facing similar constraints on the availability of evidence and on the funds available for evaluation.

The final report includes:

  • a 6-page executive summary with succinct answers to the 6 high-level Key Evaluation Questions we used to guide the evaluation;
  • an easy-to-read main body of the report, structured so you can find the sections of particular interest to you and broken up with plenty of photos and graphs;
  • a set of appendices at the end, for those interested in the finer details of the methodology.

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