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Save the Children

Counseling requires specific skills and expertise that is acquired only through rigorous training and supervised practice. The realm of counseling has diversified to include specialized expertise for handling children in distress. Based on experience of working with women and children in deploring, abusive situations, Save the Children acknowledged the need of capacity building of their staff in this domain to strengthen the psychosocial care structure.

The purpose of this manual is to serve as a resource for counselors and para-counselors to develop the necessary skills of psychological counseling. The focus is to help children in distress, especially sexually abused, exploited and trafficked, in overcoming the mental agony of social denunciation attached to the experience. The goal is to expedite the recovery process through proper integration and rehabilitation within the mainstream of the society.

The manual is for all those who are providing psychological counseling and working on capacity building of the counselor and para-counselor. It will serve as a useful tool for the counselors and para-counselors who are dealing with psychological issues of adult, adolescent, children, groups as well as families. 

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