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Reporting to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child. A Starter Pack for Country Programmes

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Save the Children UK

Reporting to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child. A Starter Pack for Country Programmes – Save the Children UK, Child Rights Supporting Strategy 2007. This starter pack is intended for country programme staff and aims to provide an introduction to the periodic reporting process and the importance of NGO and civil society involvement to illustrate the potential to lever change using the reporting process as a basis for action. It aims further to give some practical advice and suggestions on engagement in the reporting cycle. The pack is divided into three sections, each beginning with a detailed contents page: What is it all about? – Provides and introductory background to the Convention, the Committee, the reporting process and the obligations of the state. Why should we get involved? – Looks at the strengths and weaknesses of the process, the importance of engagement for NGOs and Save the Children and the impact on child rights How can we engage? – Looks at key objectives and activities, provides some advice and suggestions for engagement at the various stages, as well as tips on child participation, follow-up advocacy, NGO coalitions and funding

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