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Reinforce, Reinforce, Reinforce: Localization in the COVID-19 global humanitarian response

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ICVA, International Council of Voluntary Agencies

The International Council of Voluntary Agencies has developed this note to support dialogue on strengthening principled and effective humanitarian action by non-governmental organizations during the COVID-19 response, with a focus on reinforcing local and national action wherever possible. It is framed around the seven areas identified in the Measuring Localization Framework developed by the Humanitarian Advisory Group and the Pacific Island Association of NGOs (PIANGO). These complement the areas in the NEAR Localization Performance Measurement Framework. Both frameworks are based on previous work Localisation in Practice: Emerging indicators and practical recommendations, undertaken by the Global Mentoring Initiative for the START Network in 2018. These frameworks and associated tools are useful, publicly available resources that can be used by organizations, networks or coordination bodies for assessing progress in relation to localization in their context.

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