Refugee Rights Headlines: A compilation of blogs from the Refugee Rights Europe Vol. II

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Refugee Rights Europe

This booklet provides a selection of blog posts from Refugee Rights Europe’s  website from the past year, from November 2020 to present. 

An important part of Refugee Rights Europe’s work the past 5 years has been to shed light on the situation experienced by people on the move across Europe, to inform the public and lay the foundations for advocacy work at EU-level – encouraging the development of humane policy proposals.

The booklet covers a range of geographical locations in Europe and the posts address a variety of thematic areas such as border violence and pushbacks, the situation of women and children in displacement, asylum accommodation, trafficking and gender based violence, and the impact of Covid-19 on people in displacement in Europe. 

The blogs have either been written by members of the Refugee Rigths Europe team, or by guest authors with expert knowledge derived from direct personal experience of displacement, or from working at the frontlines of Europe’s contemporary refugee situation.   

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