Rätt att vara precis som jag är: Sex krav på skolan för att möta behov hos barn med funktionsnedsättning

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Save the Children

In Sweden, children with disabilities shall have the same opportunities and rights as all children. Today, many children with disabilities are unsatisfied with their lives. They have difficulty finding jobs, have worse study results, and feel worse than other children. Experiences from youth show that they have to both fight harder for what they want and for what they have a right to.

Children and youth with disabilities have the same rights to education as all children. This is set forth in the UN Convention for the Rights of the Child, UN Convention for people with disabilities, and according to school law.

Sweden has received criticism from the UN Child Rights Committee, which pointed out that Swedish schools do not give children with disabilities access to education under the same conditions as all children. The criticism also pointed out that teachers and educators lack skills and knowledge about children with disabilities.

This checklist contains a number of demands in which children with disabilities can have their rights realized. These focus on improving opportunities and situations at both national and local levels. If these demands are realized, they will contribute to a more equal education for all children, especially those with disabilities.

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