Rapport Final du Programme: Valorisation de la scolarisation de la fille

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CRS, Catholic Relief Services,IRC, International Rescue Committee,Save the Children International

Although education is often seen as a gateway for marginalized children to improve their living conditions, this perception is not always the case for girls. Across the world, girls face obstacles that prevent them from accessing quality education. These barriers include barriers related to poverty, socio-cultural factors, and insecurity. In response to this inequality, the Department for UK International Development (DFID) launched the Girls’ Education Program Challenge (GEC) which aims to improve the opportunities of 1 million marginalized girls in the whole world. Since the launch of the program in 2012, a total of 37 GEC projects have been implemented across 18 countries.

The objective of the “VAS-Y Girl!” is to ensure that 66,303 marginalized girls in the target provinces complete primary school and demonstrate improved learning outcomes. To achieve this goal, the project aims to:

  1. Increase the financial capacity of families so that they can bear the education burden of girls,
  2. Improve the quality of teaching reading, writing, and mathematics,
  3. Increase community participation to ensure access to quality education in a safe environment for girls, and
  4. Increase the participation of civil society in the organization of remedial courses for children. young girls out of school.
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