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The Quality Learning Framework

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Save the Children

All children have the right to a quality education that supports learning and wellbeing. They have the right to enjoy learning and succeed in their education and throughout their lives.

Save the Children, has and continues to be, committed to holistically supporting children, particularly those most impacted by inequality and discrimination, to develop, learn, be safe, healthy, and protected in and around all schools and learning spaces. This includes addressing the global learning crisis.

The Quality Learning Framework is a conceptual framework that describes Save the Children’s best understanding of what makes a quality education for all. The QLF describes five foundations that support the learning and wellbeing of all children and outlines seventeen interlinked components. Together they provide a holistic perspective on quality education and an inclusive learning environment in which all children are safe and protected, engaged by active and effective teachers/facilitators and supported by their parents/caregivers, community, and school/learning space leadership. The foundations are underpinned by enabling factors like inclusion, access, policies, systems and coordination mechanisms. For example, alternative modes of teaching, collaboration across sectors and with partners that help to tackle exclusion and discrimination and ensure an inclusive education. Responsive policies and systems provide accountability to children, their parents, and communities.

It applies in all countries, and all contexts – across the full spectrum of development, sudden onset and long-term protracted crises.

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