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Pulling a face at sexual exploitation. III World Congress against sexual exploitation of children and adolescents

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“Pulling a face at sexual exploitation” celebrates the participation of children and adolescents in World Congress III. The report has been written especially for children and adolescents, taking into account the suggestions of children and adolescents at World Congress III on what it should contain. During the Preparatory Forum, a Report Working Group was formed, involving about 10 adolescents from different regions of the world. The group helped design this report by providing ideas on what the report should look like and what kind of information it should present. Based on these ideas, in this report you will find the main highlights of adolescent participation in the Preparatory Forum and World Congress III. What is also special about this report is that many adolescents from the Report Working Group contributed to it by providing their stories and sharing their thoughts and feelings on what was going on around them in the Congress.

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