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Promoting Inclusive Education throughout Primary and Lower-secondary Education: Baseline survey report

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Save the Children Japan,Save the Children Mongolia,SICA LLC

This baseline survey of the project “Promoting inclusive education throughout primary and lower-secondary education” processed the baseline data of the project by:

  • Assessing 8 public primary schools’ readiness to support 4-5th grade students entering lower-secondary schools;
  • Assessing 8 public lower-secondary schools’ support system and physical, academic and psychological environment for Children with special needs;
  • Assessing the level of knowledge and inclusive teaching skills of lower-secondary school teachers in the 8 public schools;
  • Analyzing knowledge, engagement, necessary support and challenges of parents of children with special needs who are transitioning from primary to lower-secondary school;
  • Analyzing policy and regulations concerning inclusive education and the transition of Children with special needs from primary to lower-secondary schools in the 8 target schools.
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