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Prohibiting all corporal punishment of children: progress and delay [Leaflet]

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Global Initiative to End All Corporal Punishment of Children

‘Prohibiting all corporal punishment of children: progress and delay’ presents facts and figures on the global movement towards law reform to prohibit corporal punishment in all settings, including the home. It graphically illustrates the percentage of the global child population legally protected from all corporal punishment and the numbers of states prohibiting corporal punishment in each setting of children’s lives. The 33 states which have achieved complete prohibition of corporal punishment are listed, as are states which have received repeated recommendations to prohibit from the Committee on the Rights of the Child and states which have rejected recommendations to prohibit made during the Universal Periodic Review. A map of the world shows where corporal punishment is prohibited in all settings, in some settings and in no settings, as well as highlighting states which have made a commitment to law reform.
The 8-page leaflet also includes a snapshot of research into the nature and prevalence of corporal punishment and a list of states where there appears to have been no such research. It concludes with reference to inter-governmental campaigns for prohibition, national high level court rulings against corporal punishment and a call for action to make the most of current opportunities for law reform.

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