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The Principles of Interacting with Children in Chat Work

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Save the Children Finland

The guidebook produced by Save the Children Finland covers the essential principles guiding its counselling work within chat forums and online interaction with children. These principles can be applied to many other types of counselling work, and utilized by both professional counsellors and volunteers to help ensure that children are met as fairly as possible.

The principles of interacting consider in this guide are:

  1. Unhurriedness
  2. Providing space and encouraging discussion
  3. Asking questions, listening & showing that you care
  4. Openness, interest & respect regarding the experiences, views and circumstances of the child
  5. Receiving and enduring difficult experiences and feelings
  6. Providing the correct information
  7. Ending conversations respectfully and positively
  8. Making use of contacts outside chat

Read the full guide to learn more.

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