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PowerPoint presentations for the Training Manual Children without Appropriate Care for Asia and the Pacific: The Care System and its place within the broader Child Protection System [Session 4a]

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Save the Children

PowerPoint presentation that is part of the session materials for “the Training Manual Children without Appropriate Care for Asia and the Pacific” published by Save the Children Child Protection Initiative (CPI).
It first presents UNICEF’s protective environment, which recognises that children are typically affected by a range of protection risks and not just e.g. care problems. It shows the risks that need to be addressed via a whole range of services, supports and activities in order for children to be adequately protected, and this includes formal and informal actors at all levels, from the child, his family, and community, to state and NGO workers and structures. The presentation further shows Save the Children’s overview of the core components required to create an effective national child protection system and how a national protection system relates to a care system.
This workshop is targeted exclusively at policy makers, professionals and para-professionals who are already working on programs to support children without appropriate care, or who may begin work in this area. It does not address children on the move or children in fragile or emergency contexts. The Training Manual and accompanying Participant’s Manual on Children without Appropriate Care for Asia and the Pacific are available at Save the Children’s Resource Centre.

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