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PowerPoint presentations for the Training Manual on Children without Appropriate Care for Asia and the Pacific: Examples of Family Strengthening in Indonesia [Session 7b]

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Save the Children

PowerPoint presentation that is part of the session materials for “the Training Manual on Children without Appropriate Care for Asia and the Pacific” published by Save the Children Child Protection Initiative (CPI).The presentation centres on the Indonesian country experience and examines the development of social and financial services and supports to children and their families.
The presentation, relating to session 7b of the training workshop, includes information on:
– Key Components of Family Strengthening (to promote the care and protection of children within their own families);
– Key challenges of the Social Work Professional Development (in Indonesia there is a significant lack of social workers who are able and experienced in providing support to children outside of an institution);
– Strengthening Social Work Structures;
– Strengthening Case Management (through the development of a standardised system);
– Family Support Program (designed to support the care of children within their own families; and lastly, some of the key challenges in the delivery of the family support program.
This training is targeted at policy makers, professionals and para-professionals who are already working on programs to support children without appropriate care, or who may begin work in this area. The Training Manual and accompanying Participant’s Manual on Children without Appropriate Care for Asia and the Pacific, are available at Save the Children’s Resource Centre

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