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PowerPoint presentations for the Training Manual on Children without Appropriate Care for Asia and the Pacific: The Indonesian Experience of Care System Reform [Session 6b]

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Save the Children

PowerPoint presentation that is part of the session materials for “the Training Manual on Children without Appropriate Care for Asia and the Pacific” published by Save the Children Child Protection Initiative (CPI). It focuses on the Indonesian alternative care system and the steps taken in Indonesia to reform the National Care System. The presentation walks through: – Some basic facts on the Situation of Children in Alternative Care in Indonesia; – The over-reliance on institutional forms of Residential Care; – The identification of system failures and how the care system had been functioning; – UN Committee Recommendations; – Analysis and Assessment of the Care system as a first step in response to the UN Committee Recommnedations; – The Child led Research in Childcare Institutions to gain the opinions of children in the care homes; – Building Constituencies of Support to create system changes; New laws and policies to help regulate how alternative care is provided; – The Regulation of Residential Care; Development of Quality Alternative Care to improve support to birth and extended families in the care of their children; Social Welfare Sector Strengthening; and the key challenges of the reform process. The training is targeted at policy makers, professionals and para-professionals who are already working on programs to support children without appropriate care, or who may begin work in this area. The Training Manual and accompanying Participant’s Manual on Children without Appropriate Care for Asia and the Pacific, are available at Save the Children’s Resource Centre.

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