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Parenting on the Move: Program for empowerment and promoting the development of competencies of parents of children up to 12 years of age, in situations of migrations and refugeehood

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Save the Children North West Balkans

Parenting on the Move (PoM) has been developed with the objective to support parents in situations of migration/refugeehood to provide the conditions for well-being, resilience, and education of children of kindergarten and school age. PoM provides psychosocial support, education, and entertainment; it encourages family cohesion and intercultural exchange.

The programme has three components: parent workshops, family workshops (led by trained moderators), and materials for activities that parents and children can engage in, in a family setting.

As a program package, PoM provides a comprehensive framework for implementation of the programme through a) training of the facilitators of the workshops; b) mentoring through the implementation; b) monitoring and evaluation.

The program package consists of:

  • PoM Handbook for trainers and mentor – Program implementation quality assurance
  • PoM Workshop moderator’s handbook
  • PoM Games and Activities to Go – 31 cards with ideas for exploring, learning, creativity, and play for families (available in English, Farsi, Arabic)
  • PoM Notes to Go – a notebook with key learnings for parents (available in English, Farsi, Arabic)

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