The Oslo Challenge and beyond : A view from the inside by Mike Jempson

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On 22 April 2009, the conference “Representations of children in news media: rights, research and policy: Revisiting the Oslo Challengewas held in London, UK, to discuss the representation of children in the media, ten years on from the Oslo Challenge. This was a collaboration between the Norwegian Government and UNICEF, and included the following challenge to media professionals at all levels and in all media: to work ethically and professionally to sound media practices and to develop and promote media codes of ethics in order to avoid sensationalism, stereotyping (including by gender) or undervaluing of children and their rights. “The Oslo Challenge and beyond – a view from the inside”, which was prepared for the conference by Mike Jempson, Director of The MediaWise Trust, looks back over 10 years since the Oslo Challenge.

The Oslo Challenge was a call to action. It went out to everyone engaged in exploring, developing, monitoring and participating in the complex relationship between children and the media. This includes governments, organizations and individuals working for children, media professionals at all levels and in all media, the private sector including media owners, children and young people, parents, teachers and researchers.

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