Orientation Workshop (Sensitization and Training) on Safe, Meaningful Participation of Children in Thematic Evaluation in Gulu (Uganda)

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Save the Children

A follow-up workshop that was sequentially informed by the International Start-up Workshop held in November 2006 in Mukono; the Half Day Introductory Workshop held on December 12, 2007 in Gulu; and the consultation process carried out on February 2-8, 2007 in Gulu. The aim of the workshop was to enhance the knowledge, values and skills of children’s representatives and adult supporters to implement the thematic evaluation and documentation process with a focus on meaningful, ethical, inclusive children’s participation and respect. The objectives of the workshop:  share information on the thematic evaluation process;  gain increased adult support (from parents, NGO partners, patrons and matrons) for meaningful involvement in the evaluation;  ensure application of guidelines for a safe, meaningful and inclusive participation of girls and boys in the evaluation;  increase knowledge, skills and confidence to use a variety of participatory tools which enable the exploration of girls and boys’ views and experiences  support the development of child-led and child-friendly documentation;  enable support and action planning towards effective implementation at country and global levels.

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