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Operation and Maintenance Financing for School WASH Facilities in Bolivia

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Save the Children

This is a case study on the financing for the operation and maintenance (O&M) of school WASH facilities in Bolivia, based on a review of documents, key informant interviews and visits to 15 schools in urban Cochabamba and rural Oruro.

Bolivia has decentralized funding and maintenance of schools to municipal governments, with schools relying on their municipalities for routine O&M services and repairs of their WASH facilities. Visits to schools found that municipalities are unable to meet the WASH O&M needs of schools, leaving schools to come up with their own solutions. National standards for WASH in schools do not exist, and it all depends on individual municipalities and their schools on whether they prioritize WASH. As found in case study schools, basic water supply, and toilets are available in schools, but there are problems with leakage, cleanliness, and availability of soap.

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