Nytt system-gamla brister? Barns egna asylskäl efter ett år med den nya instans- och processordningen

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This report has been produced by Save the Children Sweden within the framework of the new system of courts and procedures introduced in Sweden for aliens’ matters together with the new Aliens Act (Swedish Code of Statutes – SFS 2005:716) of 31 March 2006. The report offers information on the situation of asylum seeking children in Sweden and how the asylum seeking procedures are being handled by the Swedish Migration Board and the Migration Courts, two instances that bear responsibility for asylum procedures in Sweden. The Aliens Act states that particular attention must be paid to the child’s interests. All children, that are able and willing, have the right to be heard. The report also includes Save the Children Sweden’s assessment of 107 asylum-seeking children’s cases where children’s rights and need for protection have not been satisfactorily met.

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