Nutrition Sensitivity: How agriculture can improve child nutrition

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Save the Children UK

This report examines the relationship between agriculture and nutrition in developing countries, focusing on how nutrition is currently prioritized within agricultural policy frameworks, from the global to the district level. It suggests ways in which nutrition-sensitive interventions could be implemented through existing government policies and governance structures.

The findings are based on an assessment of agricultural policies in 15 African countries, alongside CAADP plans from 18 African countries. Generally speaking, African agricultural plans are primarily focused on production and give limited emphasis to nutrition. This is not surprising on one level, given the importance of improving food production in the context of economic development and population growth. But the findings also reveal notable exceptions to the rule, which offer some important lessons for countries that want to improve child nutrition now, as well as helping their economies grow in the short and the longer term.

The report provides recommendations to the African Union, the governments in high-burden countries, and donors on ways to address and combat the issue of nutrition and childhood development. 

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