No Place is Safe in Yemen: The impact of seven years of conflict on children in Yemen

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Save the Children International,Save the Children Yemen

No one in Yemen has survived the past seven years unscathed. Not a single person in the country has not suffered a loss. Children have seen their friends, parents, and teachers killed. They have witnessed the repeated attacks on their schools and have seen the hospitals they rely on to recover damaged and crippled beyond what the health sector can cope with. Ultimately, these unforgiving years have left children afraid, traumatized, and in urgent need of humanitarian intervention.

In combination with a comprehensive desk review of open sources and humanitarian updates, this report contains the findings from 40 key informant interviews, as well as surveys with 400 children and 100 parents and caregivers. These interviews and surveys were conducted by Save the Children in eight Governorates during December 2021, in an effort to document first-hand accounts that aim to assess and understand the direct and profound impact these attacks have had on children, their families, their teachers, and the wider communities in Yemen.

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Children affected by armed conflict

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