Nigerian Child Development Grant Programme: Endline evaluation summary report

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AAH, Action Against Hunger,Institute for Fiscal Studies,Itad,Oxford Policy Management,Save the Children UK

The paper presents the summary findings of the endline evaluation of the Child Development Grant Programme (CDGP), conducted by the e-Pact consortium and led by Oxford Policy Management. The main objective of the evaluation was to describe the impact of the programme on the outcomes that it sought to achieve. The evidence comes from information collected through a household survey, interviews, and focus group discussions with recipients of the CDGP support and other community members. Data collection was carried out in 2014, before the start of the CDGP, and twice thereafter, in 2016 and 2018. Our findings examine the impact of the programme on maternal and childcare practices, health, food security, and the nutrition status of children and mothers.1

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