Nigeria Joint Response Case Study Child-Friendly Spaces Value for Money: Efficiency

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GEPADC, Gender Equality, Peace and Development Centre,JDF, Jireh Doo Foundation,Save the Children International

This case study summarizes an analysis conducted by JDF, GEPADC, and Save the Children International using the Dioptra tool to assess the cost-efficiency of child-friendly spaces in Nigeria. The analysis revealed that:

  • Constructing child-friendly spaces (CFSs) in Nigeria cost between €11 to €14 per child reached. Where children are fully integrated into formal schooling, additional sessions that align with school schedules may be organised in order to maximize reach and ensure efficiency.
  • New construction requires a higher level of effort for land approval & time for construction coordination. Where existing structures are available, rehabilitating child-friendly spaces rather than constructing a new one may save staff time and enhance VfM.
  • Community ownership & planning an exit strategy helps to ensure long-term sustainability and strengthens VFM
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