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Newborn Health in Humanitarian Settings Field Guide

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Save the Children,UNICEF, United Nations Children's Fund,WHO, World Health Organization

The Newborn Health in Humanitarian Settings: Field Guide provides guidance and tools to reduce neonatal morbidity and mortality in humanitarian crisis situations that result from natural disasters, armed conflicts, political turmoil and other social and systemic upheavals. The Field Guide focuses on the unique challenges surrounding the 28-day neonatal period following birth.

This Field Guide focuses on field implementation of the most critical newborn health services, prioritizing lifesaving activities that can be introduced relatively quickly, without specialist training in advanced newborn care. It provides guidance to program managers regarding the initiation of newborn health services during the acute phase of a humanitarian crisis as well as the enhancement and expansion of these services over time, as the setting allows.

Health staff involved in designing, managing, monitoring and evaluating newborn health services within humanitarian settings will find this field guide particularly useful.

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