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National coalition for children as zones of peace. A national campaign to protect children from armed conflict and its effects in Nepal

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Secretariat of National Coalition for Children as Zones of Peace

The escalation of conflict and political instability in Nepal has affected almost every sector of society and has had an adverse impact on the lives of children. Thousands are displaced and deprived of their basic rights to education and a safe environment. Hundreds of children have lost their lives, and many have been abducted and arrested. Although the protection and security of the children have been guaranteed by various international laws and conventions, huge numbers of children have been traumatised, injured, and even physically disabled during this period. Despite strong criticism and protests from human rights and civil society organisations, the conflicting parties have been using children and schools in different ways for their vested interest. Therefore, on the basis of the international laws and conventions, child rights organisations, along with other human rights communities, are waging a movement to declare “Children as Zones of Peace”, a concept developed by Save the Children Norway in 2001.

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