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Move 4 New Horizons. Playful Teaching Manual

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Swiss Academy for Development

“Move 4 New Horizons” is an educational programme for disadvantaged out-of-school children in the Dang district in the Mid-Western region of Nepal. School drop out and repetition rates are the highest in the first two years at primary school level in Nepal and children from marginalised backgrounds are those that are most at risk of dropping out early. What can a teacher do to make sure that disadvantaged children are not left behind and drop out early? How can the learning environment be adapted to become more responsive to the specific learning needs of these children? By systematically integrating playful teaching activities, the Move 4 New Horizons project has achieved remarkable successes, providing disadvantaged children with achievable and fun learning opportunities. The manual serves as a reference on playful and inclusive teaching approaches, which can be applied in pre-school and primary schools, and in either non-formal or formal teaching settings.

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