MenCare in the Public Health Sector in Central America: Engaging health providers to reach men for gender equality in maternal, sexual, and reproductive health

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ECPAT International,MenCare,Promundo,Puntos de Encuentro,REDMAS, Network of Men for Gender Equality

MenCare partners ECPAT in Guatemala and Puntos de Encuentro and REDMAS in Nicaragua worked within their countries’ existing health systems to promote men’s engagement in active fatherhood and maternal, newborn, and child health. In both countries, the work led to positive changes in understanding the importance of men’s role in caregiving and involvement in pre- and post-natal care, not only among men and women at the individual level, but also at the institutional level, resulting in policy change and promotion. This report describes the project and its results.

To find out more about Promundo and the MenCare campaign visit their website.

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