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Mekong Children’s Forum Annexes

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ILO, International Labour Organization,Save the Children UK

In February 2004, the ILO, through its International Programme on the Elimination of Child Labour’s Mekong Sub-regional Project to Combat Trafficking in Children and Women joined forces with Save the Children UK’s Community-based Initiatives Against Trafficking in Children in the Mekong Sub-region (the Cross-border Project) to advocate on behalf of children in the Greater Mekong Sub-region vulnerable to human trafficking and labour exploitation. This joint-initiative, ‘Voices of Children’, culminated with a gathering of children in Bangkok from five countries in the Greater Mekong Sub-region – Cambodia, China’s Guangxi and Yunnan Provinces, Lao PDR, Northern Thailand and Viet Nam – to speak out about child trafficking and suggest ways to tackle this most distressing exploitation which results in the worst forms of child labour.
These are the Annexes to the report that emanated from the Mekong Children’s Forum on Human Trafficking held in Bangkok, October 2004.
Annex I: Code of Conduct for Adults in the Mekong Children’s Forum
Annex II: Children’s Agendas for Action from national, provincial and other forums
Annex III: The Mekong Children’s Recommendations on Human Trafficking
Annex IV: Bibliography of materials consulted in drafting the Preliminary Guidelines
Annex V: Brochure introducing the Voices of Children initiative
Annex VI: Children’s information packs for the Mekong Children’s Forum
Annex VII: Preliminary Guidelines for Organizing Human Trafficking –
Voices of Children National Forums
Annex VIII: Responsibilities and Code of Conduct for Chaperones/Interpreters
Annex IX: Parents’/Guardians’ informed consent form
for the Mekong Children’s Forum
Annex X: Information for seeking informed consent for children’s participation
in the Mekong Children’s Forum
Annex XI: Evaluation forms for adults and children

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